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Preliminary Agenda

Thursday, February 6, 2020

    6:45am - Breakfast

    7:30-8:00am - 7:30-8:00 Alan Ng DPM
    Subchondroplasty in the Foot and Ankle

    8:00-8:30am - Kevin Blue DPM
    Shockwave Therapy Update

    8:30am - Break in Exhibit Area

    8:45-9:15am - 8:45-9:15am Brett Sachs DPM
    Amniotic Tissue for OCD Ankle Repair

    9:15-9:45am - Michael Gentile DPM
    Titanium coated PEEK wedges in Reconstructive Surgery

    10:00am-4:00pm - Free Time

    3:30pm - Apres Snacks in the Exhibit Area

    4:30-5:00pm - Richard Derner DPM
    Fourth and Fifth Metatarsocuboid Fusion

    5:00-5:30pm - Mark Birmingham DPM
    CBD Use in Foot and Ankle Surgery

    5:30pm - Break in the Exhibit Area

    5:45-6:15pm - Glenn Weinraub DPM
    Arthroscopic Assisted Calcaneal Fracture Repair

    6:15-6:45pm - John Levin DPM
    Human Amniotic Tissue Membrane Injection for Plantar Fasciitis: Results of a Randomized Control Trial

Friday, February 7, 2020

    6:45am - Breakfast

    7:30-8:00am - Ken Morgan DPM
    Charcot Reconstruction with Plantar Plating; Long Term Results

    8:00-8:30am - Jessica Herzog DPM
    Lesser Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthritis: New Treatment Techniques
    8:30am - Break in the Exhibit Area

    8:45-9:15am - Olivia Stransky DPM
    Tendon Repair with Amnion/Stem Cells, Primary Tendon Repairs with Amniotic Wraps, or Injections

    9:15-9:45am - Scott Carrington DPM
    Total Ankle Replacements: Minimizing Poor Outcomes

    10:00am-4:00pm - Free Time

    3:30pm - Apres Snacks in the Exhibit Area

    4:30-6:45pm - Podiatry Panel Debates

    Panel Participants: Paul Stone DPM, Matthew Paden DPM, Keith Naftulin DPM, Ross Girvan DPM, Jake McLeod DPM, Keith Jacobson DPM, William Farrett DPM, Tim Mineo DPM

    Hammertoe Implants: Stone/Paden
    Minimally Invasive Bunionectomy:Naftulin/Girvan
    Minimally Invasive Fibular ORIF with IM Rod: Mcleod/Mineo
    Percutaneous vs. Open Achilles Tendon Repair: Jacobson/Farrett

Saturday February 8, 2020 AM

    7:00 - Breakfast

    7:30-8:00am - Alan Synn MD
    Vascular Surgery Updates

    8:00-8:30am - David Hahn MD
    Use of the Total Talus Implant for AVN of the Talus

    8:30am - Break in the Exhibit Area

    8:45-9:15am - Matt Paden DPM
    A New Approach to Cavus Foot Repair

    9:15-9:45am - Matt Hinderland DPM
    Fighting Physician Burnout with Financial Independence

    10:00am-4:00pm - Free Time

    3:30pm - Apres Snacks in the Exhibit Area

    4:00 - 6:00pm
    Original Research and Case Study Reports by current Highlands Presbyterian St. Luke’s Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residents

      4:00-4:15pm - Nilin Rao DPM
      Quantifying the Trade off of Enforcing Body Mass Index Eligibility Criterion for Total Ankle Replacement

      4:15-4:30pm - Rebecca Stack DPM
      Extra Articular Talo-Calcaneal Coalition with Involvement of an Os Sustentaculum: A Case Report

      4:30-4:45pm - Andrew Yang DPM
      Avascular Necrosis of the Talus after using Subchondroplasty for Treatment of a Subchondral Cyst and Bone Marrow Lesion

      4:45-5:00pm - Brian Derner DPM
      Current Anticoagulation Recommendations: Is Aspirin Appropriate?

      5:00-5:15pm - Lauren Molchan DPM
      Digital Cannabis Arteritis in a Tobacco Free Patient: A Rare Variant of Buerger’s Disease

      5:15-5:45pm - Rob Cavaliere DPM
      Anterior Calcaneal Fracture in a Competitive Cyclist without Crash: A Case Report


Goals & Objectives

  • Understand the new technique of subchondroplasty in foot and ankle pathology
  • Learn new applications of extracorporeal shockwave therapy in foot and ankle
  • Novel technique for repair of OCD in the ankle
  • Learn current approaches to treat cavus feet
  • Understand a new technique using an alternative to bone graft wedges in reconstructive surgery
  • Arthritis of the lateral midfoot; can these joints be fused?
  • Safety and efficacy of CBD in treating foot and ankle pain
  • Techniques to prevent physician mental fatigue in order to maintain an empathetic approach to patient care
  • Advanced techniques to optimize calcaneal fracture outcomes
  • Discuss the benefits of amniotic tissue injections for plantar fasciitis through a level 1 study
  • Techniques for charcot foot repair using a plantar plate as opposed to column beaming
  • Literature review identifying the best options for treating lesser toe joint arthritis
  • Benefits of amniotic tissue wraps for tendon repair
  • Review indications for total ankle arthroplasty with the goal of minimizing bad postoperative outcomes
  • Discuss the pros and cons of hammertoe implants vs. kirschner wires
  • Debate the advantages and disadvantages of new bunionectomy techniques
  • Evaluate the benefits of minimally invasive techniques for ankle fractures
  • Debate the effectiveness of the two most common methods of achilles tendon rupture repairs
  • New techniques in vascular surgery with respect to podiatric surgery
  • Learn a new salvage technique for osteonecrosis of the ankle
  • Literature review and metanalysis discussing the impact of BMI on total ankle replacements
  • Evaluate the efficacy of aspirin as a prophylactic anticoagulant
  • Introduction to a unique pathology related to marijuana use
  • Present an uncommon pathology to appropriately diagnose and treat non-traumatic calcaneal anterior process fractures

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About Us

The Highlands Foot and Ankle Institute was created in 2006 for the educational purpose of fostering continuing medical education through a multi-media and multi-disciplinary approach to advance the training of podiatric surgeons while maintaining focus on quality and safe patient care. In 2010, we received not for profit 501c3 status with the state of Colorado. The net proceeds from our medical education programs as well as fund raising are for the purposes of expanding opportunities for our three year medical and surgical residency program and advancing the training of podiatric surgeons in Colorado and across the country. All of our speakers have volunteered their services and receive no monetary compensation. Cost of tuition and expenses is tax deductible to the full extent of the law [Tax ID#205081858].


In coordination with the Colorado Podiatric Medical Association and the Council on Podiatric Medical Education, we are able to offer up to 12 continuing medical education contact hours for participation in this conference.